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 some uses of metals and non metals

Asked by Nishanth Reddy(student) , on 7/7/13

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Uses of Metals


  1. Iron metal is use for making cooking vessels , water boilers , stoves,tools , wires,nails , bolts , electromagnets etc.
  2. Aluminium is very light metal so it is use in making the aircraft bodies.
  3. Copper is most widely use for making electric wires and all things related to electricity becaue it is a good conductor of electricity.
  4. Silver is widely use for making jewellery.


Uses of Non-Metals


  1. Phosphorous is used in match-box industry and in fertilizers.
  2. Iodine is used as antiseptic.
  3. Oxygen is essential for all living beings.
  4. Sulphur is used for making fire crackers,gun powder and sulphuric acid.


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Posted by Yash Raj(student)on 7/6/13

More Answers


Uses of metals

  1.  mercury is used in making thermometers.
  2. Sodium is used in nuclear reactors.
  3. magnesium is used in fireworks.
  4. sodium, titanium, zicronium are used in atomic energy and space projects. zicronium is also used for making bullet proof steel.
  5. Zinc is used to galvanize objects.

uses of non metals

  1. nitrogen is used in fertilisers.
  2. chlorine is used in disinfection of water.
  3. sulphur is used for making gun powder.
  4. hydrogen and carbon are essential constituents in cell for human body.
  5. oxygen is also required for the extraction of metals from their ores and for the production of steel.
  6. liquid nitrogen is used to preserve blood, corneas or donated organs.

Posted by Aakash Yadav(student)on 8/7/13

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