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speech on "empowering the girl child is the best way to empower the nation".

Asked by Kirti Maurya (student) , on 16/6/11

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Hi Kirti,
You can take the following points into consideration while preparing your speech:
-  Definition of women empowerment;
-  Girl child is the future of every nation and India is no exception;
-  Social scenario of India;
-  Conventional norms and age-old practices of our society, such as dowry, female feticide, sex determination, etc.
-  Importance of educating the female mass;
-  Efforts by Government to empower women in India;
-  Example of statements made by worldwide organizations, for instance, UNICEF stated that “Education is a fundamental human right: Every child is entitled to it”;
-  Examples of movies, books, blogs, articles,  slogans and quotes on girl child, women empowerment and policies of the government.
-  Conclusion with your viewpoints on the importance of women empowerment and girl child on a primary level.
Hope the above points help you frame your speech.
Keep posting!
Your response is precious to our forum!
Best wishes!

Posted by Amrita Hazra (MeritNation Expert) on 17/6/11

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More Answers

 thanks mam for your ideas.......

Posted by Sharan Gopal (student) on 19/6/11

 letter to the editor on expressing your concern about the issue and need to work in war footing to counter the problem of poor enrolment of girls.

Posted by Sharan Gopal (student) on 19/6/11

thanks maam your ideas rearlly helped me

Posted by atwal2100214... (student) on 11/7/11

 Thanks a lot mam. Needed that help badly

Posted by Vandana Vyas (parent) on 18/7/11

thanxx mam for this above points.it;s really help me

Posted by Anshul Garg (student) on 21/7/11

mam   can u  please  elaborate these points   plzz

Posted by aryavikas57... (student) on 22/7/11

Ya i got a basic idea.


Posted by adarshsn (student) on 1/8/11

 thanks a lot ma 'am

Posted by coolshth (student) on 3/8/11

 speech on "empowering the girl child is the best way to empower the nation".

Posted by honeyj96... (student) on 7/8/11

 thanks mam your points were clear and appropiate

Posted by shravan_96 (student) on 8/8/11


Thanks a lot mam your hints were very helpful

Posted by Pranav Kulkarni (student) on 17/8/11


 thank u mam...2moro is ma speech..im very lucky...thanxxx

Posted by Shilpa Das (student) on 19/8/11

 thanks mam!! i have my speech tomorrow on the same! dese points r really helpfull ! thanx a lo ! mam!

Posted by Tanya Sethi (student) on 22/8/11

 thanks a lot ma 'am..it helped me a lot....and gained me full marks...

Posted by anirudhchhabra96... (student) on 1/9/11


speech on topic "emowering the girl child is the best way to empower the nation"

Posted by charls007 (student) on 11/9/11


you can take the following points:

defintion of women empowerment

girl child is the future of every nation

Posted by charls007 (student) on 11/9/11

can ny1 rite a speech 4 me on this topic

Posted by AbelBIju101 (student) on 1/10/11

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