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Raj Kumar , asked a question
Subject: GK , asked on 3/3/13

speech on indiscipline among student 

Rosy From Bvm , added an answer, on 3/3/13
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Someone rightly said ' ' The key to success is discipline. Discipline is very important for the development of human beings. If man is a living discipline, he himself determines the path to the pleasant and bright future. Man Working regularly staying in the rules is called discipline. Inside is a discipline, so he puts himself to the hardships of the wedge. Student column is the mainstay of our country. These would be the lack of discipline, we can imagine that the country 's future would be like. Student discipline is very important in life. If you do not discipline in his life, he will be left behind in the race of life. His discipline will make him fail. Students remain in the discipline as it is necessary to organize all your tasks. This route, which causes him to achieve success in life. Discipline is necessary to keep students from childhood. Learn to live in the discipline is derived from her own home. Students must follow all the rules in the school being built school. All lessons are taught by teachers with all my heart and should be studied. Homework given by teachers for home should regularly. We should do all your tasks on time. That is the true key to success.

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Deepanshi , added an answer, on 31/10/14
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Lovers...arnav...... From Saheed Udham Singh Convent School, added an answer, on 6/3/13
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The indiscipline among the students is on the increase. This is a fact borne out by daily happenings in schools and colleges. The newspapers are full of reports of unrest and indiscipline among students. It has become one of the serious problems being faced by the country. Students go on strikes, they resort to copying and cheating in the examination, insult their teachers and principals. They tear away pages from the library books or pictures from the magazines, write dirty things on walls etc. and indulge in many other kinds of mischief. They clash with the police, throw stones and brickbats at them and practice violence at any pretext.

This widespread unrest and indiscipline among the students reflect the prevailing indiscipline, lawlessness and frustration in the society. The students alone are not to be blamed. There is too much political interference in schools and educational institutions. The students are misled and misused by various political parties to serve their selfish ends. The postings, appointments, transfers etc. in schools, colleges and universities are made not on merits but other considerations. Corruption and favouritism are rampant in these temples of learning.

The teachers themselves are corrupt. They are greedy and run after illegal means of making quick money. They do not inspire confidence, hope and honesty among students. They indulge in dirty politics and can stoop to any depth to have money. Therefore, there is a crisis of character. Students have no role models to follow. Students find themselves groping in the dark. The cable and TV boom and influence of western ideas and culture have further worsened the situation. The rapid disintegration of families has also contributed to the increasing indiscipline among students. There is neither character, nor values, nor morals in the society. Students imitate their parents, teachers, leaders and elders and behave accordingly.

The education imparted in schools and colleges is totally irrelevant. It is not job-oriented. Students fail to get suitable and early employment after finishing their education and training. There is favouritism and nepotism in employment. One has to pay huge amount of money as bride to secure even a modest job. Students with resources and recommendations get all the good jobs. Reservation of jobs for certain categories of students has further worsened the situation. The merit has been marginalised.

Therefore, students feel cheated, frustrated and disillusioned. When without any hope or employment, they become quite restless and indulge in all sorts of indiscipline. There is no proper guidance, advice etc., in regard to the selection of courses of studies and careers. As a result of all this, much of their energy, time and resources to waste and they become victims of indecision. This leads to more and aimlessness.

The classes are over-crowded. There is no personal contact between teachers and students. There is too much pressure on students as they are always expected to score excellent grades. The system of examination is also very defective. It encourages copying, rot learning and reliance on cheap market notes. A month or so before the examination, the students engage themselves in studies. For the rest of the year they are idle. There are no extra-curricular activities worth their names. Their energies are not properly utilized, and therefore they find expression in violence, unrest and indiscipline. It has been rightly observed that an-empty mind is a devil 's workshop. An ideal hand is still worse.

The problem is grave but is not impossible to check it. It is the duty of the leaders, educationists and teachers to address the problem immediately. There should be no political interference in the running of schools etc. the entire education system should be over-hauled and made job-oriented. It should be linked with industry. The teachers should be given better salaries and allowances. They should be made accountable and responsible for the results and conduct of the students under them. There should be no school without proper facilities for games and sports. More emphasis should be laid on character-building, moral education and extra-curricular activities. Growing indiscipline and unrest among students is a great danger to our society and must be checked with the cooperation of all. The union elections in schools and colleges should not be allowed to be fought on political lines. They must function only as educational associations. The classes and their sections should not be crowded. Only the teachers with merits and good characters to be appointed in the schools. Privatisation of schools should also be encouraged. More money should be spent on education, particularly on primary education. There should be liberal and more scholarships for needy and meritorious students.

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Rosy From Bvm , added an answer, on 3/3/13
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Various points which you could incorporate in this essay are:

  • Discipline and a certain code of conduct is the key to success.

  • Following a set pattern of rules does not mean strangling the neck of talent and ambition. It is a path which helps us to decide how much to change, how to change and why to bring forth a particular change.

  • Self discipline is a rare quality which one has to inculcate, nurture and cherish from early childhood. This would help a child to stay cooperative and jovial even in their school.

  • Discipline in student life include virtues like punctuality, honesty and cleanliness. Therefore, here a person becomes a ruler of his own.

  • Discipline leads to achieving better results, outshining in class and more importantly achieving your goals, in fact helping you achieve more than you had imagined or aimed for.

  • Discipline helps to distinguish between the good and the bad in the school, the surroundings, the family, overall on the society.

  • Sir Smith has rightly said " Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability .” So one must observe disciple to make their school and world a better place to live.

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Isha From J D Tytler School, added an answer, on 9/12/13

indescpline is a habbit that is increasing day by day among the todays youth

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Aditya , added an answer, on 11/9/13


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