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Prachiasri , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 21/1/14

Summary of julius caesar


Shraddha , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 23/1/14

The summary of the requested chapter is already available in the 'Literature Reader' section. Kindly go through it and let us know in case you face any difficulty.  


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Bhumi Chauhan , added an answer, on 22/1/14
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Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare

The great hero has returnedWhen the play opens, Julius Caesar has just returned to Rome after defeating the sons of Pompey. Everyone is happy, but some of his friends are conspiring to kill him. They are worried of his popularity and want to end his life. In this particular scene, a storm is raging outside and Caesar is awakened from his sleep. He is restless and orders a servant to bid the priests to do the sacrifice.Calpurnia's nightmaresAs Caesar prepares to go to the Senate, his wife, Calpurnia, stops him. She tells him about the nightmare that she had all night, that Caesar had been murdered and some men were soaking their hands in his blood. She recounts all the signs of bad omen and is very positive that something bad might happen to Caesar if he goes out of the house. Caesar, on the other hand, being a brave man, refuses to give in to such omens. The servant returns and informs him that the religious men had offered a sacrifice, but they did not find a heart in the animals body.A traitor comes to call CaesarCalpurnia is afraid for her husbands life and is not willing to let him go to the Senate. She wants to send Antony instead, but Caesar believes that death is a necessary end and it comes to everyone. Just then, Decius Brutus comes to call Caesar, but Caesar tells him he will not go with him because his wife is afraid that something will happen to him. He relates the dream that Calpurnia had seen and wants him to take his message to the Senate. Since the traitors have conspired to kill Caesar, Brutus lures Caesar to go with him. He tells him that the dream does not mean the end of Caesar but it means his success. Carried away by his talk, Caesar decides to go with him.The proceedings at the SenateCaesar leaves for the Senate with his trusted friends. At the meeting, Metellus Cimber bows before Caesar and pleads with him to call his brother back who had been banished by Caesar. But, Caesar refuses saying that he had not done anything wrong by sending him away. All the others too ask Caesar to call back Cimbers brother. They come near him and one by one stab Caesar with a knife. Caesar falls down, dying, and his last words are, Even you, Brutus. They wash their hands in his blood, making Calpurnias dream true.Antony is grief struck to see CaesardeadAntony comes there and is sad to see Caesar lying dead. He does not understand why they have killed Caesar, who was such a noble man. Brutus tries to calm him down by telling him that Caesar was too ambitious for Rome. Antony wants to speak to the public at the funeral and Brutus allows him to, on the condition that he does not disclose anything about the murderers. Antony readily agrees, but has other plans.Antony seeks revenge by urging the peopleAs Brutus and the others leave, Antony breaks downin front of Caesars dead body.He asksforgiveness for letting the murderers go easily and vows revenge. Brutus addresses the people and justifies Caesars murder by saying that Caesar had become too ambitious for the good of Rome. He tells them that Antony wishes to speak to the public. Antony climbs up the funeral pulpit and starts talking to the people. He cleverly leads the people to see that Caesar did not want the crown, nor did he want to rule over others. He only had the peoples welfare in his heart and hence could not be called ambitious. He reminds the people about Caesars sacrifices for the country.Public opinion is swayedBy his clever choice of words, Antony is deftly able to manipulate the public opinion. Now the people rise against the murderers and want to call Caesar a martyr. Antony tells them about Caesars will, according to which, every Roman will get seventy five drachmas from him. This acts as a last straw and all the citizens want revenge for Caesars death. They are instigated by Antony to rise against the conspirators and start rioting, which results in the killing of many innocent people.A conspiracy gone wrong

Meanwhile, Brutus and Cassius have fallen apart as the idealist in Brutus sees that Cassiuss has used him for his own reasons. Antony and Octavius, Caesars nephew, come together and clash with the army of Brutus and Cassius at Philippi and Sardis. As a result, Brutus and his army are defeated. Unable to bear the defeat, Brutus and Cassius commit suicide. Antony has succeeded in avenging Caesars murder.

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