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Shalima Latheef from M E S Indian School , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 13/9/13

summary of lesson THE NIGHT WE WON THE BUICK

Nandini , added an answer
Answered on 23/5/14

the whole story rotates about a small boy who is ashamed of his family as they didnot own a car his mother use to satisfy him by saying bla bla bla and totaly they couldnt own a car till the reached the poets elderness it is a simphoicant story plz understand it u will get it i have said u in vry short manner

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Javaid , added an answer
Answered on 9/2/15
What was the ethical problem
Neelam , added an answer
Answered on 7/4/15
why did the boy come home after the raffle in record time
Rishita , added an answer
Answered on 23/4/15
The narrator yearn for abuick
Madhurima , From Vasavi Public School , added an answer
Answered on 30/5/15
the story is about about a boy who is ashamed of his family as they don't own a car while others have,his mother use to say him 'if we have character,you have the better part of wealth'.but suddenly he saw a buick roadmaster which his father won on a lottery but it turned into open-and-shut case when his mother that the lottery ticket consits of k kendrick a multi millionaire and the boss of his dad. the boy so upset when his father was thinking to give the buick to his boss and they never got a car until the boy grew up. but the boy learned a lesson.
Sabyasachi Bhattacharjee , From Don Bosco School , added an answer
Answered on 23/6/15
The narrator of the story is a young boy who is bothered by the thought that his family does not own a car . His father was a clerk who gave half of his salary to his poor relatives . The money left with him was not enough to buy a car . There was a lucky draw competition where the narrator's father asked his boss if he would like to buy a ticket . He answered in the affirmative but the thought never crossed his mind ever after . So his father  took both the tickets . At the time of the announcement the narrator hid under a bush when the speaker called his father's name . Little did he realise that the ticket which won belonged to his boss Jim Kendrick . He reached his house in record time and was amazed by the lustre of the buick . He sat in the car and assumed himself driving the car . When he entered home , his father was in an angry mood . It was that time when his mother showed him the light 'K' which was written on  ticket no.348 which had won . But he refused to give the car to his father's boss just because he was a multimillionaire . But because his father was bound by the walls of moral values he called his boss and the next day his chauffers came and took the buick and gave his father a box of cigars . They did not get a car until he grew up . But his mother's words ''If you have character then  you have the better part of wealth . " carried a new meaning .
Meethi Sharma , From Guru Nanak Public School , added an answer
Answered on 31/7/15
The boy came home in record time after the raffle because he was very happy and couldn't wait to see the amazing car,Buick. He just entered the car to see the luxurious interior as soon as he came home.he was not able to believe that his family,who didn't had a car in the whole town,will have a buick.
Divyanshi Panchal , From Delhi Public School , added an answer
Answered on 15/9/15
The story rotates around a young boy who is ashamed of his family because his family was the only one in the town which does not own a car. Their daily shopping trips were made in disreputable two – wheeled basket cart drawn by a horse called Barters. Every lop of his splayed hoofs dounded their poverty. His father’s salary as a clerk would have maintained hem in modest plenty if half of it had not gone to indigent relatives. Their mother used to say ‘if you have character you have the better part of wealth,’ living on little develops in new resources and built a spiritual bank account. Mother knew the secret of using a few metres of bright chant and a little paint in the right places. But the garages still stabled Barkis. Suddenly there arrived a soul igniting moment. It was the final gala night of country fair. It was the time for lucky draw. The major picked up 348 and shouted the name of his father. The poet was very happy but then only his father had an ethical problem. The ticket 348 had written on it. His father ha asked Jin Kendrick if he wanted to buy a ticket so his father bought two tickets and on 348 he marked K. Now the time was for the Buick to go to Jim. The poet did not get a car until he was grown up. But as time went his mother’s aphorism took a new meaning. They were newer richer tan they were at the moment when his Dad made the call.
Sahadevan , added an answer
Answered on 12/12/15
it was super story i like this story because the man was honesty 

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