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Additi from Sacred Heart Convent School,Suratgarh , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 22/5/15

summary of the poem - the ant and the cricket

suruchi11 , added an answer
Answered on 26/12/11

This poem is about a cricket who doesn 't work during summer,dats why he was not having food during winters. dats y when he went 2 ant in d search of food...ant refused 2 give food 2 him...this gives us inspiration to work all d time without intervals.... bcoz d whole world is selfish no one is going to help u in ur bad days....


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Amal Prasad , From Atomic Energy Central School No 2 , added an answer
Answered on 26/12/11

 It is a fable in poetic form. A fable is a story, often with animals as characters,that conveys a moral.This poem about an ant and a cricket contains an idea of far reaching significance, which is as true of a four legged cricket as of a two legged ones. You must have seen a cricket that has two leggs.This is the story of a cricket who spent his summer singing. When the winter came he started starving. He went to ant and wished to borrow grain. But they asked him what he did in summer.He replied that he sang in the summer. They asked him to dance in winter. There are crickets in our society. Some have four legs some have two.

Basil Ansar , From New Middle East International School , added an answer
Answered on 9/3/13

 ant and cricket the poet is snnonymous means noone

Manasij N S , From New Middle East International School , added an answer
Answered on 14/6/13

Oh Basil it is anonymous and they are not asking the author.They are asking about a descriptionof the story. 

Rahul , added an answer
Answered on 29/6/13


Bull , From Kendriya Vidyalaya , added an answer
Answered on 5/6/15
This is a story aboutt ant and the cricket ball

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