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The accumulation of snow on an aeroplane wing may reduce the llift. Explain.

Asked by Yogender Huda(SATLUJ PUBLIC SCHOOL) , on 16/11/12


The working of an aeroplane wing is shown here.

Description: http://www.f1nutter.com/images/technical/wing.gif

If snow accumulates on the surface of the wing, the overall shape of the wing will change and this will affect the aerodynamic of the distorted shape of the wing. Enough lift might not be produced to take off in this condition. So, the snow must be removed from the wing.

Posted by Somnath Mazumderon 18/11/12

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 this is so because it reduces the ability of the wing to lift the plane as the snow do not allow air to pass through the pores of wing which helps in aerodynamic stability of the plane,not only in lifting but also in flying. That 's why, de-icing of the plane before take-off is done to aviod this, as it can lead to fatal accidents!!!THUMPS UP!!!

Posted by Abhishek Kumar(THE AIR FORCE SCHOOL) on 16/11/12

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