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Shruti , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 11/1/15

The NCC Officer of your school has asked you to prepare a speech for the NCC day celebration in your school. write your speech in not more than 200 words.


  • Formal opening of the speech
  • why more and more students should join NCC
  • Why NCC day is celebrated
  • an appropriate closing
  • what role NCC plays in the development of young people

Sudikshya Sarmah , added an answer, on 15/11/12
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i too want the same answer would you please help me to find the answer of a speech for the celebrations of NCC day

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Ankit Kumar , added an answer, on 21/3/13
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Damcy , added an answer, on 13/6/15
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Ques: why more and more students join day of BBC celebration
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Gunpreet Singh , added an answer, on 22/1/15
I don't Know
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Sandhu , added an answer, on 23/6/13
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