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think about million little ways in which rain embraces the trees mention few of them

Asked by kewalkishan(DCM Presidency School) , on 23/1/11

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 There are a million little ways in which the Rain embraces the trees.

1. In the beginning the Rain irrigates the fields and prepares them to be seeded.

2. Rain is important for the germination of the seed, and for the plant to absorb nourishment from the soil.

3. Even a full grown healthy tree needs water, so the Rain helps it there as well.

4. A plant or tree requires water at each and every stage and the rain when embraces it, it is nourished.

Posted by Fathima Parween(Abu Dhabi Indian School) on 26/1/12


i also dont no the answer

Posted by Sher Khan(ANDHRA EDUCATION SOCIETY) on 23/1/14


Ans. The embrace of the rain produces innumerable musical strains. The embrace produces a different strain in every tree. The embrace makes some trees wet; some trees get soaked; others begin to glisten; some get washed away or become sticky. In fact, the list can be endless.

Posted by Twinkle(J.H AMBANI SARASWATI VIDYA MANDIR) on 2/3/14

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