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To set up a common base transistor circuit and to study its input and output charectars and to calculate its current skill?? this is my investigatory project in physics pls help me to complete this before 15 of october..................

Asked by Shweta Ganguly(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA) , on 9/10/12


Common Base Configuration:

Input characteristics:

This curve shows the relationship between of input current (IE) to input voltage (VBE) for various levels of output voltage (VCB).


Output Characteristics

This graph demonstrates the output current (IC) to an output voltage (VCB) for various levels of input current (IE).


Operating Regions:

Active: Operating range of the amplifier.

Cutoff: The amplifier is basically off. There is voltage, but little current.

Saturation: The amplifier is full on. There is current, but little voltage.


Posted by Somnath Mazumderon 21/10/12

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