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types of alankar

Asked by Vanshita N/a (student) , on 1/3/15

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there are 2 types of alankar-

1.  sabdaalankar

2.  arthaalankar

sabdaalankar have 4 types-

1.  anuprash alankar

2.  yamak alankar

3.  slesh alankar

4. punarukti prakash alankar

arthaalankar have 5 types-

1. upma  2.  rupak 3. utpreksha 4.  atishyokti 5.  anyokti

Posted by Anshumi Chowdhury (student) on 5/1/11

More Answers


anupras alankar - alliteration - raghupati raghav raja ram(repition of same letter or sound)

yamak alankar - teen ber kahati hai te ve teen ber khati hai ( here teen  ber comes twice but its meaning changes)teen ber- 1)three times 2)three ber(fruit)

upma -simili - uska mukh chandr ke samaan hai (ordinary thing is compared to extraordinary thing)

rupak - metaphor - chandr gehna

Posted by Anushka Nanoo (student) on 29/11/11


1ooooo ha ha 

Posted by Plabanee (student) on 15/12/11


1 जल जो होता तो ये जग जा   जल

2. ऊँचे घोर मन्दर के अन्दर रहन वारी ,
  ऊँचे घोर मन्दर के अन्दर रहाती हैं।
   3. कनक - कनक ते सौ गुनी मादकता अधिकाय ,
  या खाये बौराय जग , वा पाये बौराय।

Posted by Pankaj (student) on 12/1/12

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