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Saumya Sharma from TAGORE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, asked a question
Subject: Science , asked on 1/1/12

uses of concave and convex mirrors in our daily life


vijay.yadav... , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 2/1/12

Use of concave mirrors:-

(1)   Concave mirrors are used by dentists to see enlarged image of tooth. 

(2) Concave mirrors are used as make up or as shaving mirrors, to see an enlarged view of the face. 

(3)Concave mirrors are used by doctors ( ENT specialists) to focus light into ears ,throat etc . (4)Concave mirrors are used in reflector type telescopes.

Use of convex mirrors:-

(1)Convex mirrors are used as rear view mirrors in vehicles because convex mirrors increase field of view. 

(2) Convex mirrors are used as streetlight reflectors as they spread light over greater area.

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Prakhar Bindal From Dewan Public School, added an answer, on 1/1/12
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1. Concave mirror

A concave mirror has the capability of forming images that can be smaller or larger in size and virtual or erect, depending on the position of the object.

These mirrors are used in various medical practices. For example, doctors use this mirror for obtaining a relatively larger image of teeth, ear, skin etc.

Concave mirrors are also used in reflectors for torches and headlights in vehicles. This is because these mirrors can reflect rays of light beams as very powerful light rays.

2. Convex mirror

A convex mirror always produces a smaller, virtual, and erect image of an object.

In convex mirror, the length of the image is shorter than that of the object. Hence, it is used as a side view mirror in vehicles because the viewed area must be larger than the surface area of the mirror. The convex mirror forms images of vehicles that are spread over a relatively larger area.

Owing to this property, convex mirrors are also used in security mirrors that we often see in shops, malls, etc.

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