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Water is flowing at the rate of 5km/hour through a pipe of Diameter 14 cm into a rectangular which is 25 m long and 22 m wide. Determine the time in which the level of water in the tank will rise by 21 cm.

Fast please!!have a test today...

Asked by Shreyak Patnaik (student) , on 19/2/14

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let the water level in the tank rise by 21 cm in t hours ,.

volume of flown out of pipe in t hours = increase in volume of water the rectangular tank

volume of water flowing out of pipe in 1 hour =22/7 *49*500000


volume of water flowing out of the pipe in t hours =77000000t cm3

volume of water in tank= 25m*22m*21cm


=115500000 cm3



=1.5 hour

thus the water level in tank will rise by 21 cm in 1.5hours

Posted by Rony Joy (student) on 19/2/14

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