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what are 2 types of oxygen found in atmosphere?

Asked by Piyush Rath(student) , on 22/2/12

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Oxygen exist in two form as:   a) O2   b) O3 (ozone)

Posted by cp_gupta17...on 23/2/12

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More Answers

o2 has two elemental forms............one is ozone n the other i dunno

Posted by Hunney Jain(student)on 22/2/12

one is ozone(o3)

and the other one i think there is only one..........(o2)

Posted by Love Chocolates(student)on 22/2/12

tl na ozone one and second one

Posted by Piyush Rath(student)on 22/2/12

first elemental oxyzen that is form of diatomic molecule and other is ozone that forms of triatomic molecule

Posted by Ms. Priya Rajpu...(student)on 22/2/12

oxygen and ozone

Posted by Thash(student)on 22/2/12

the first one is ozone and the second one is may be oxygen itself...

Posted by Rashi Razdan(student)on 22/2/12

the first is oxygen(O2) and another is ozone(O3)

Posted by Aman Kharbanda(student)on 22/2/12

they are present on the form of......O2 AND O3

Posted by anjali.rox12(student)on 22/2/12

the two types of oxygen found in the atmosphere are  

oxygen-o2-diatomic molecule

ozone-o3-tri atomic molecule

Posted by Apoorva(student)on 22/2/12

one is oxygen gas and another one is ozone........

both are found in our atmosphere..

hope u understand this answer piyush..

Posted by Vartika Singh(student)on 22/2/12

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