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 What are 

  • Electron-deficient hydrides

  • Electron-precise hydrides

  • Electron-rich hydrides

  • Lewis acids

Asked by Abhishek Sharma , on 6/6/12

  • Electron deficient Hydrides are those Hydrides in which the central atom has less than 8 electrons in the outer-most shell. For example, BH3.
  • Electron precise Hydrides are those Hydrides, in which the central atom has 8 electrons in its outer most shell, as per octet law. For example, CH4 etc.
  • Electron rich Hydrides are those Hydrides, in which central atom contains one or more than lone pair of electron. For example, PH3 etc.
  • Lewis acids are thos substances, which can accept an electron pair from a species containing lone pair of electrons to complete its octet.

Posted by Kanika Dalalon 11/6/12

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