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what are hypogynous perigynous and epigynous flowers.

Asked by sapnadixit (student) , on 29/8/09

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what are hypogynous,perigynous and epigynous flowers

Posted by rilexco... (student) on 24/11/11

what are hypogynous,perigynous and epigynous flowers.

Posted by rilexco... (student) on 24/11/11

hypogenous flower occupies the highest position while the other parts are situated below it

Posted by Ddd (student) on 26/11/14

  • perigynous flower askgklfgfd hlghjj hgk dfjijkfggjofih8igfh8j jsgfohijfdhghj

Posted by Ddd (student) on 26/11/14

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Posted by Ddd (student) on 26/11/14

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