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What are merits and demerits of democracy ?

Asked by Akhil Saji(MES indian school) , on 16/2/12

Merits Demerits
1.Equality is the basic point in democracy. It ensures equality before law. 1. The interest of majority dominates the interest of minority
2.Fair share of all in the government making process 2.Results are not satisfactory if the masses are illiterate at large
3. Freedom of expression to all. 3.slow economic growth and economic development
4. Guarantees stability to the government. 4.deliberations and debates cost lot of time, expenditure on the public wealth.
5. Guarantees legitimacy to the government 5.Role of mass media dominates the informed decision making by the people

Posted by Reecha Upadhyayaon 17/2/12

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promotes equality among citizens

enhances the dignity of citizens

improves the quality of decision making


take time before coming on a decision

often becomes messy

hope it helps!!!

Posted by Parv Aroraon 16/2/12

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