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what are merits and demerits of green revolution?

Asked by Abhishek Singh(student) , on 23/7/12

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Merits of Green Revolution

Compared to the traditional seeds, the HYV seeds promised to produce much greater amounts of grain on a single plant. As a result, the same piece of land would now produce far larger quantities of food grains than was possible earlier.

Demerits of Green Revolution:

  • Poor farmers could not afford HYV seeds, fertilizers and machinery.
  • Some borrowed and ended up with large debts
  • HYV seeds need more water and fertilizer, which is expensive
  • New machinery replaced manual labour leading to unemployment and rural-urban migration
  • The Green Revolution was limited to rice and wheat only.

Posted by Shushrita Dason 25/7/12

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More Answers


improving lives of farmers.

high yield.


soil pollution 

large amount spent on capital


Posted by Priya Darshini(student)on 24/7/12



loss of soil fertility

harmful for the environment




high yield

Posted by Madhuri Ramesh(student)on 24/7/12

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