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what are the advantages and disadvantages of modern farming??

Asked by Tanvi Dalwani(MOTHER'S GLOBAL SCHOOL) , on 5/7/13

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 advantages:modern farming methods gives the opportunity to cultivate more than one crop annually in the same plot.it also gives high yield.

disadvantages:In modern farmingh methods  high amount of chemical fertilizers are used which decreases the solil fertility.use of chemical pesticides make the crop not fit for human consumption.

Posted by Abhiram(Sree Valluvanad Vidya Bhavan) on 8/7/13

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Hey Tanvi, in response to your question,


Modern farming methods gives a higher yield, better produce, etc. which is better overall for the cultivator(s).


The use of chemicals deems the crop unfit for human consumption. It also decreases the fertility of the soil.

Posted by James Rodriguezon 8/7/13

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