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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using modern farming methods?

Asked by Maithili Anamika(CIS pune) , on 16/8/15


Advantages  -

  • They  increase  the  production  many  fold.
  • They  increase  the  economic  background  of  a  country

Disadvantages  -

  • They  are  very  costly  in  nature.
  • They  are  concentrated  on  only  one  crop,  ie,  wheat.
  • They  have  regional  imbalances.
  • The  use  of  chemical  fertilizers  pollute  the  environment.

Posted by Krishnan Unni(KULAPATI MUNSHI BHAVANS VIDYA MANDIR) on 2/8/12

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ADVANTAGES: production is large and is obtained with the help of very less labour and time

disadwantage:1) these method include usage of excessive fertillizers that leads to soil pollution, desertification and eutrophication. 2) pesticides and insecticides make the crops harmfull for our body

Posted by Rajesh Sharma(cambridge court high school,jaipur) on 2/8/12




the disadvantages are increased soil erosion, overuse of pesticides and fertilizers, losses of habitat of important species due to overfarming and soil conversion,
etc. These problems exacerbate global climate change which in turn cause lower crop yields and desertification of arable land...

Posted by Devinataraj(THE INDIAN PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 6/8/12


as we all know that

Posted by Sakshi Somani(GOLDEN JUBILEE SCHOOL) on 9/9/13


3 points for advantage of morden agriculture

Posted by Aswathion 24/7/14


Opportunity and Challenges of Modren agriculture

Posted by Kavyaon 4/8/14

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