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what are the crops grown in laterite soil?

Asked by Shashank Kushwa...(student), on 14/5/11


 Tea, Coffee, Cashew, Rubber and Coconut

Posted by Mayank(student), on 14/5/11

 tea, cashew nut are some crops grown in laterite crops

Posted by Amrit(student), on 14/5/11

 tea coffee cashew plantain rubber coconut

Posted by saisetti59...(student), on 26/8/11

These are some crops which grown in the laterite soil:-



3.Cashew nut



Posted by Ayush Soni(student), on 11/6/12

tea cofee rubber and coconut as the soil is not fertile and found on costal areas they are easy to grow there

Posted by Swastik Baderiy...(student), on 17/10/13
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