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What are the effects of oxidation reaction in everyday life? Define these terms with an example each.

Asked by Vardhan(student) , on 19/6/14

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Rusting and Corrosion

Posted by Sam M.(student)on 27/5/12

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The effects of oxidation in everyday life is rusting of metals and corrosion of food .

example: rusting of iron

4Fe + 3O2 -------- 2Fe2O3.yh2o where y is any variable determining the molecules of water.

Posted by Nakul Ghate(student)on 28/5/12


 effects of oxidation in everyday life

Posted by Hari Dharani(student)on 11/5/13


For making cake,baking powder is taken.If a persons uses baking soda instead of baking powder,how will it affect the taste of the cake and why?

Posted by Faraz(student)on 23/5/13

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