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What are the reasons for BATTLE OF PLASSEY ?

Asked by Shriya Krishnan(student) , on 13/5/12

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Plassey, battle of (1757). The victory at Plassey gave the East India Company control of Bengal. Following the attack by the independent Mughal nawab (governor) of Bengal, Siraj al-Dawla, on the British settlements in Bengal in the summer of 1856, a force commanded by Col Robert Clive was sent from Madras. In March 1757 Clive forced the submission of the French settlement at Chandernagore and then marched against Siraj al-Dawla 's forces, having first suborned his principal commanders who remained inactive during the battle which took place on 23 June 1757 on the banks of the Bhagirathi river. Clive was very heavily outnumbered and outgunned, but the battle resolved itself into an artillery duel which the nawab lost when his powder was soaked by rain. Clive 's total casualties numbered only 63

Posted by Ishan Goyal(student)on 13/5/12

More Answers

The Battle of Plassey was one of the major steps that brought England to dominate and conquer India. It was not only a battle with local authorities but part of the rivalry with France over available markets. However, European colonial expansion was a part of an even bigger phenomenon that would bind the peoples and cultures of the world together through dissemination of technology and sharing among cultures. In years to come it would bring the Western colonialists to some awareness of their spiritual responsibility for other nations—for example, no matter how wide was the gap between the rich and poor in the West, in the East it was even wider.

Posted by Harshita Chatur...(student)on 13/5/12

The victory at plassey changed the company from trading institution to apolitical institution in the bengal.They started playing important role in politics.It also expose the wicknesses of the indian political system. 

Posted by Jyotirmay Patel(student)on 26/5/12

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