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what are unisexual and bisexual flowers? give two examples to each.

Asked by Fatema (student) , on 4/10/13

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The flowers in which either the male or the female reproducative organs are present only, are called unisexual flowers. They are called incomplete flowers. They undergo cross-pollination in order to reproduce.

Example - Papaya, Watermelon, Corn, etc.


BISEXUAL FLOWERS - The flowers in which both the male and female reproductive organs are present, are known as complete or bisexual flowers. They are capable of self-pollination.

Example - Mustard, rose, lily, hibiscus, etc.

Posted by Chocogirl (student) on 6/3/13

More Answers


Unisexual flowers are flowers which contain either male reproductive organ or female reproductive organ

Eg: papaya, cucumber

Bisexual flowers contain both male and female reproductive organ.

Eg: rose, sweet pea

Posted by Gowri P (student) on 7/3/13


Flowers which contain either  stamen or a pistil is called unisexual flower like corn, papaya etc.

Flowers in which contain both stamen and pistil are called bisexual flowers like mutard, rose, petunia etc.

hope it helps

Posted by Vedant Gandhi (student) on 10/3/13


what is the female reproductive part called?

Posted by Dhara Damascus (student) on 9/3/14

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