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what do we often sneeze when we inhale a lot of dust laden air ?

Asked by Sayema Khan(al mirfa international private school) , on 23/11/10

we sneeze because the dust enters in the body and sometimes stick in contact to the surface of the skin that is nose this causes itching and to escape the foriegn particles we sneeze. 

Posted by Estuti Shukla(SARDAR PATEL VIDYALAYA) on 24/11/10

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 The air around us has a various types of unwanted particles, such as amoke, dust, pollens etc. When we inhale, the particles get trapped in the hair present in our nasal cavity. Howeever, sometimes these particles may get pass the hair in the nasal cavity. Then they irritate the lining of the cavity, as a result of which we sneeze. Sneezeing expels these foreign particles from the inhaled air and a dust - free, clean air enters our body.

Posted by Karthikeyan.gon 8/10/12

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