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what do you mean by aptitude?

Asked by Fazna Siddique(student), on 28/11/10


Aptitude refers to an individual 's ability to learn or perform certain skills. Aptitude tests refer to standardized tests designed to measure an individual 's ability to develop certain skills. Studies have applied tests of psychomotor ability, cognitive knowledge, and personality and attempted to relate them to measures of surgical skill.
Hope this helps u........Zazakallah!!!!!
Posted by Smthng .......(student), on 29/11/10

aptitude...is  ur  self-ability..without  ny  conceptionss  that  hw  u  perform  ny  work...:)

Posted by Naina Singh(student), on 29/11/10

Hi Fazzna! Sasha 147 has provided a good answer to your question. I would just like to add that the term 'Aptitude' refers to an individual's innate abililty to perform in a given area. The higher your aptitude is in one area, the lesser is the effort required for you to excel in that area. The important thing to remember about aptitude is that although it refers to your inherent potential, the good news is that it can also be developed with training and practice.

Best Wishes!

Posted by Payal Krishnan(MeritNation Expert), on 30/11/10
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