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What do you mean by khilafat movement and non cooperation movement?Write the name of important leaders of this movement?

Asked by Ranjana Mr(student) , on 25/3/12

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Khilafat movement: Khilafat movement was a movement against the breach of faith by the British. The British had promised to recognise the Ottoman emperor as the Khalifa or the spiritual and temporal head of the Islamic world, in lieu of the support of the Indian Muslims towards the British War efforts. But post war, they breached the promise and dismantled the Khalifa. This had agitated the Muslim intelligentsia. Muhammad Ali, Shaukat Ali, Abdul Kalam Azad and sections of ulama particularly fiom Firangi Mahal, Lucknow, were at this time engaged in the Khilafat agitation.

Non-cooperation movement: Cemented by the sufferings of Jallianwala Bagh tragedy, Khilafat Issue and the Rowlatt act coupled with the success in the regional Satyagrah movements in Ahmedabad, Champaran and Kheda, the non cooperation movement was the first mass upheaval in India. It spanned between September 1920 to 1922. 

Posted by Reecha Upadhyayon 26/3/12

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Follow the link for Khilafat movement:


Non - Cooperation movement: The  Non-Cooperation Movement  was a significant phase of the  Indian struggle for freedom  from  British rule . This movement lasted from September 1920 to February 1922. It was led by  Mohandas Gandhi  and was supported by the  Indian National Congress . It aimed to resist British occupation in India through non-violent means. Protestors would refuse to buy British goods, adopt the use of local handicrafts, picket liquor shops, and try to uphold the Indian values of honour and integrity. The  Gandhian  ideals of  Ahimsa  or  non-violence , and his ability to rally hundreds of thousands of common citizens towards the cause of Indian independence, were first seen on a large scale in this movement.

Hope it helps!!!

Posted by Akshaya Prabhak...(student)on 25/3/12

Khilafat movement was a movement led by the Ali brothers- Mohammad Ali and Shaukat Ali with Gandhiji. It was to protect the Khalifa, the religious and spiritual head of the Muslims.

The Non-cooperation movement was initiated by Gandhiji.

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Posted by Sameehan(student)on 25/3/12


want more information frnds......

Posted by Ranjana Mr(student)on 25/3/12

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