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what do you mean by unit vectors?

Asked by Akashataa , on 19/5/12


Unit Vectors:

A vector of unit magnitude is called a unit vector . It has the same direction as that of the given vector .

A unit vector of  is written as and is read as A cap.

= A  Or



 where A = magnitude of .

So, a unit vector in a given direction can also be defined as a vector in that direction divided by the magnitude of the given vector.

It has not unit and dimension. It represents direction only.

Example-  are the unit vectors along x axis , y axis and z axis respectively.

Posted by Jyoti Panton 20/5/12

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See…A unit vector has magnitude 1, with no units. The unit vector is represented by a letter marked with a hat. a unit vector has a magnitude 1, with no units, means that if you multiply a unit vector by a scalar, the resulting vector has a magnitude equal to the value with- units of the scalar.  Hope u understood :)

Posted by Abhiya Dobriyalon 19/5/12


a vector which has magnitude 1

Posted by Avani Goel(DARSHAN ACADEMY) on 19/5/12

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