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What happens when you pour some acetone on your palm ???..

Asked by Roshni Surendra...(student) , on 30/9/11


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when we pour acetone on our palms we feel cool,because the process called evaporation is taking place on our palm as the acetone is a highly volatile substance.

Posted by Rose Pinky(student)on 1/10/11

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Acetone takes up the heat energy from the palm to vaporize as it requires latent heat vaporisation to change from liquid state to vapour state. The hand loses heat and gets cooled. This is the example of cooling by evaporation.

@roman_sherin: very good attempt. keep it up!thumbs up!


Posted by Prerna Bansal(MeritNation Expert)on 3/10/11

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itz ma pleasure roshni

Posted by Rose Pinky(student)on 5/10/11

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