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what i meant by ppi ppi ' dpi dpi and dpi ppi bond....???pls xplain

Asked by Vignesh Hari(JAI ACADEMY) , on 4/11/12

  • pπ − pπ bond means the  π bond formed due of sideways overlapping of p orbitals.

For example π bonds formed in C2H4 molecule.

  • dπ-dπ means the π bond formed by overlapping of d orbitals.
  • dπ-pπ bond means the bond formed by sideways overlap of d and p orbitals.


Posted by Pankaj Singhon 19/11/12

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 ppi-ppi ,ppi-dpi,dpi-dpi bonding

Posted by Ram Bhuwanon 5/11/12

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