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 what is a super subset .please explain me with examples

Asked by Bhairvi Singh(Indian School) , on 2/5/13


Whenever a set A is a subset of set B, we say the B is a superset of A and we write, B ⊇ A.  

Symbol ⊇ is used to denote ‘is a super set of’

For example:

A = {a, e, i, o, u}  

B = {a, b, c, ............., z}

Here A ⊆ B i.e., A is a subset of B but B ⊇ A i.e., B is a super set of A

Posted by on 7/5/13

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It 's not super subset but it is super set. Look. If B is a SUBSET of A, A is the SUPER SET of B.

Posted by Srujana(Kendriya Vidyalaya Waltair) on 4/6/11


super set means  here take this case,

    A = {1,2,3}

  B = {1,3}

 then A is a super set of B why...? A contains all the elements present in B...............so naturally A becomes the super set of B

Posted by Kevin Toms(TocH Public School Vyttila) on 9/6/11


 the subset is not a superset beacuase the sub set                        

Posted by Jashrilleon 13/6/12

  1.  means of subset                                                                                                                                                                                                    a subset can be the set itself like a.is a subset of a or b is subset of a.a subset means that is contained whithin something

Posted by Jashrilleon 13/6/12

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