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what is angular nodes and radial nodes ?

Asked by Paarvi Gupta (student) , on 21/5/12

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An orbital wave function is written as product of Radial function and Angular function. The Radial wave function depends upon n and l quantum number, and Angular wave function depends upon l and ml quantum number. 

ψ = R(r).A(θ,Φ)

Radial function depicts the size of the orbital and angular function determines the orientation of lobes of orbital. Node is a region where, probability of finding an electron is zero. So, Radial node is the point where,

ψ = A(θ,Φ) for all R and it can be shown as 

and Angular node is the point where,

ψ = R(r) for all A and it can be shown as 

Note: The points which meet the axis are nodal points.

Hope this information is helpful.


Posted by on 22/5/12

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