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what is class limit?

Asked by Kirti Koushika (student) , on 16/2/13

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The lower and upper limits of a class interval are known as  Class Limits.

Each class interval is bounded by two value.The value on the left is called lower limit and the value on the right is called upper limit.

Example - 10 (lower limit) - 20 (upper limit)

Posted by Ayushi Sharma (student) on 18/2/13

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More Answers

The lower and upper limits of a class interval are known as  Class Limits .

class limit is quite a common term used in statisitcs.
it is used to define the highest and lowest value in a class ( or different groups made in the data)
for example
the data of height of teens is collected in a particular locality
so u group the data in following classes
120 - 140 cms
140 - 160 cms
160 - 180 cms
180 - 200 cms
in these groups children with height within a range will be placed in their respective classes
the value 120 is called upper class limit and 140 is called the lower class limit for the first class of 120-140cms

Posted by Aagam Shah (student) on 16/2/13

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