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what is difference between arc and chord

Asked by Prapti Kakkar(student) , on 20/9/11

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 chord is a line segment that join any two point on a circle. and chord divide the circle thats called arc. and there are two arc which are 1. miner arc 2. major arc . 

hope  thats help full.,,,,,, thanks.


Posted by rajkumari...(student)on 20/9/11

More Answers


AB is called the chord of the circle . The chord  is  defined  as a line joining any two points on the circumference of  the circle.


The portion PQ on  the  circumference of the circle is called an arc of the circle .

Posted by mahajan.aditya8...(student)on 15/1/12


chord is a line segment that join any two points on the circle

arc is a part of a circle

Posted by Joshika Kolli(parent)on 26/9/13

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