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what is dipole moment?in CH2Cl2 and CCl4 which has more dipole moment

Asked by Nitesh Bhatu(student) , on 23/2/14

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More Answers

it is ,charge  * distance= p  [ dipole moment is denoted by 'p ' ]


when there are two unlike charges , let  q1 and  -q2 , placed at some distance  'd '  [distance between dipole is very small]

the system is dipole.


p = q * d  [ here we take 'q ' as magnitude ]

SI unit =Cm

 from question ,CH2CI2 has more dipole moment.

Posted by Vishwajeet Pra...(student)on 20/4/12

  1. in this CH2Cl2 has more dipole moment because in CCl4  the dipole created by all the Chlorine atoms around the carbon atom cancel each other hence the net dipole is zero.

Posted by Kritika Sharma(student)on 20/4/12

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