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Nitesh Bhatu from VIRENDRA PUBLIC SCHOOL , asked a question
Subject: Chemistry , asked on 23/2/14

what is dipole moment?in CH2Cl2 and CCl4 which has more dipole moment

Vishwajeet Pratap , From Kendriya Vidyalaya , added an answer
Answered on 20/4/12

it is ,charge  * distance= p  [ dipole moment is denoted by 'p ' ]


when there are two unlike charges , let  q1 and  -q2 , placed at some distance  'd '  [distance between dipole is very small]

the system is dipole.


p = q * d  [ here we take 'q ' as magnitude ]

SI unit =Cm

 from question ,CH2CI2 has more dipole moment.

Kritika Sharma , From Uttrakhand Public School , added an answer
Answered on 20/4/12
  1. in this CH2Cl2 has more dipole moment because in CCl4  the dipole created by all the Chlorine atoms around the carbon atom cancel each other hence the net dipole is zero.