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what is empowering the girl child is the best way to empower the nation

Asked by Fathima Ks , on 11/8/12

According 2 d context of India there r many girls who suffer from lot of pain or problems in life nd just becoz of those few girls India is proudly to be known as a gud nd developed country in context to d nation nd there r many girls who had made India proud on them nd other countries to proud on there nation nd all this is possible only when d nation has a well educated children especially girls coz girls r more serious , sincere than boys………..

  Every nation wants that d future of there country should be comparatively so well than other countries but a country lyk India is still not 1 of them coz there r still many peoples who do not want girls 2 be born or if they r born then not 2 be educated as a girl passes her teenage they want her 2 be seen as a bride which means a hopeless future of d nation as well as a charm girl

  So. At d end I wouls lyk 2 conclude that if this thinking changes nd people start empowering girls then surely after few years our nation will be d best among all d others………..

  HOPE MY ANSWER HELPED U !!!!!.........

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Posted by Heba Mukarram(AZRA PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 31/7/11

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it absolutely helped me .............  thanx alot

Posted by chinnu.69on 15/8/11

thank u.dear......it helped me lot.

Posted by Sneha Jose(ST JOSEPH ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL) on 18/8/11

 heyyyyyyy thanxs for the answer...........it helped me a lot..............thank you soooooooo much

Posted by haseeb_superstar...on 18/8/11

nice 1........... thnk u

Posted by Lemuel James(INTERNATIONAL INDIAN SCHOOL) on 28/8/11

 empowering the girld child is like we are empowering our nation

Posted by Vikas Kumar(DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 30/4/12

 the ans help me a lot

Posted by Vikas Kumar(DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 30/4/12


Posted by Varsha(BHARATHIYA VIDHYA BHAVAN) on 22/7/12

 good answer

Posted by Varsha(BHARATHIYA VIDHYA BHAVAN) on 22/7/12

 it was rlly gud thnxxx it rlly rlly helped me a lot  thnxx 1 ce agn

Posted by lubreenkhan...on 4/8/12

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