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what is flora and fauna  of velds...

Asked by Gita Agarwal , on 21/1/14

The temperate grasslands of South Africa are called the velds.
Flora in the velds:
  1.  Grasses dominate the landscape.
  2. Red grass grows in bush velds.
  3. In the high velds acacia and maroola are seen to be growing.
Fauna in the velds:
  The animals of the velds are primarily lions, leopards, cheetah and kudu

Posted by Veena Tyagion 22/1/14

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CONGRATS....u r  top member....celebrationzzzzz:)


Posted by Kanika Aggarwal(HILLWOODS ACADEMY) on 13/3/10


flora is the plants

fauna is for animals


Posted by Gaurav Joshi(naini valley) on 14/3/10


Flora (of Veldts) - Red Grass, Acacia, Marula, etc....

Fauna(of Veldts) - Lions, leopards, hyenas, jackals, etc...........

Posted by Antony(THE INDIAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL) on 21/1/14

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