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What is hydration energy ?
Asked by Ankur Jain(student) , on 14/11/10

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Hi Ankur!
@Nitin, Your answer is partially correct. The most precise definition of hydration energy is as follows.
Hydration enthalpy is defined as the amount of energy released when one mole of gaseous ions combine with water to form hydrated ions.
M+ (g) + aq → M+ (aq) + hydration energy
X- (g) + aq → X- (aq) + hydration energy
This hydration energy plays a very crucial role in determining the ionic mobilities of compounds.
Higher the hydration energy of the ions, greater is the solubility of the compound in water.  Further, the extent of hydration depends upon the size of the ions. Smaller the size of the ion, more highly it is hydrated and hence greater is its hydrated ionic radius and less is its ionic mobility.
Hope, this helps.

Posted by Shukla Paladhion 15/11/10

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More Answers

The energy released in the process of hydration is known as hydration energy.

Hydration:-The process of dissolving a species in water is known as hydration.

This is what I know.


Posted by Nitin Gupta(student)on 14/11/10

Hydration energy is an enregy released or absorebed when ions are surrounded by solvent  molecule(water) it"smagnitudedependent on the size of the ion

Posted by melakugeb03...(student)on 19/10/11

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