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what is important in convex & concave mirror

Asked by Tanishk Goyal , on 28/12/14

The importance of convex and concave mirror can be given in the following points -

  1. For the case of Concave Mirror  
  • Concave mirrors are commonly used in torches, search-lights and vehicles headlights to get powerful parallel beams of light.
  • They are often used as shaving mirrors to see a larger image of the face.
  • The dentists use shaving mirrors to see large images of the teeth of patients.
  • Large concave mirrors are used to concentrate sunlight to produce heat in solar furnaces. 

 2.  For the case of Convex Mirror  

  • Convex mirrors are commonly used as rear-view (wing) mirrors in vehicles. These mirrors are fitted on the sides of the vehicle, enabling the driver to see traffic behind him/her to facilitate safe driving.
  • Convex mirrors are preferred because they always give an erect, though diminished, image. Thus convex mirrors enable the driver to view much larger area than would be possible with a plane mirror. 

Posted by Bhargav Rishabh Baruahon 6/10/10

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kahan se copy maara...but its good...keep it up..

Posted by Ankit Aggarwalon 28/10/10

Concave and convex mirrors allow greater area of view or detailed examination of smaller areas.
Concave mirrors are used in torches, headlights of vehicles, shaving mirrors, dentist's mirror, and even in laser making and operations.
Convex mirrors are used in rear view mirrors in cars, hallway safety mirrors, ATMs as a security feature, and in some mobilesto allow the mobile user to correctly aim the camera while taking a self-portrait (selfie).
PLZZZ...........LIKE MY ANSWER IF IT HELPZZZ..........:D :D :D

Posted by Namrata Bhirudon 16/12/14

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