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what is kashi yatre

Asked by Kshemendra Shar...(student) , on 27/7/13

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Kashi  Yatre  is  a  wonderful  novel  written  by  the  Kannada  poet  Triveni.  It  is  the  story  of  an  old  grandmother  and  her  ardent  desire  to  go  to  Kashi  or  Varanaasi  to  worship  Lord  Vishweswara.  There  is   also  a  young  orphan  girl,  who  falls  in  love,  but,  has  no  money  for  the  wedding.  In  the  end,  the  grandmother  gives  away  all  her  savings  to  that  girl  without  going  to  Kashi  and  tells  that  the  happiness  of  that  girl  is  more  important  than  worshipping  Lord  Vishweswara  at  Kashi.

Posted by Krishnan Unni(student)on 16/5/12


Posted by Dev(student)on 16/5/12

 a novel which was written by trivenni

Posted by Adarsh Sah(student)on 17/5/12

a novel which is wrtten by kannada  poet triveni......

Posted by Sai Lakshmi(student)on 18/5/12

 a novel written by kannada poet triveni........

Posted by Sai Lakshmi(student)on 18/5/12

it is a novel which is written by the popular writer Triveni

Posted by Sairaj Mule(student)on 14/10/13

it is a novel written by Triveni

Posted by Sairaj Mule(student)on 14/10/13

kashi yatre novel by sudha murthy

Posted by Sabuj Das(student)on 12/5/15

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