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what is relation between kg and newton?

Asked by Gauravraj (student) , on 16/8/11

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There is no relation between Kg and Newton because both are units of different quantity.
Newton is unit of force and Kilogram is unit of mass.
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Posted by roopeshmicasaon 16/8/11

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 Kg is an unit of mass and newton is an unit of force. 
Weight(gravitational force acting on object) of an object on the surface of Earth, for example, is calculated: 
m * g = F 
For a 10 kg body, that force is roughly equal to 98.1N

Posted by Sonali (student) on 16/8/11


sir but we say that force (newton) is a kind of weight(kg) .why we say 54kg, why we do not we say 54 newton ?? 

Posted by Gauravraj (student) on 16/8/11


    kg and newton are a some thing diffrient tyeps because kg is an unit mass and newton is an units of force


wieght  (gravitional force on object on the surface ) ofan object on the surface of earth ,for example .is calculate

for a 10kg bond , that force is roughly equal to 93.in

both a units of different quantity.newton is unit of force and kilogram is unit of mass .

                                                                                                                                                                              ets my vewas i am yadav

Posted by akashyadav2331463... (student) on 17/8/11

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