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 what is the application of force in our daily life?

Asked by Sabajawad , on 8/2/15

 Describe the application of force in daily life?

Posted by indeevarkrishnan...(CHINMAYA VIDYALAYA) on 24/7/11

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 Forces are very important in all aspects of daily life:

The force of up-thrust helps to keep objects floating.

Friction and  air resistance  help to slow down and/or prevent us from slipping.
However low friction is useful too as it allows us to do certain activities such as ice-skating.
Air resistance can also be useful for example we can use it to our advantage in activities such as sky-diving.

Gravity is very important as this is the only reason that we are able to stay on the surface of the planet without floating off into space.

Spring force is used in every day objects such as mattresses to make them more comfortable.

Tension force is often used in certain objects such as hammocks and in activities such as tightrope walking.

Applied force is the force which is returned when we lean on an object or even just stand up. This force prevents us from falling through the floor of desk etc. etc.

hope this helps!

Posted by Sakshi Hooda(MODERN VIDYA NIKETAN) on 5/6/12


every thing we do is a result of some force

Posted by Prakhar Saxena(Boys' High School & College) on 7/10/14

there are different appplicants of force in our daily life: we use force for kicking a football, force for the pen to move while writing, also if we need to push or pick up something heavy like our bag then we use force

Posted by Mihir Chikodion 8/2/15

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