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what is the commercial use of microorganisms??

Asked by Simar(student) , on 7/9/14

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Commercial use of microbes are

used in making vaccinations

used in making of alchohol

use to increasing the fertility of the soil


Posted by Vansheeka Uppal(student)

More Answers

yeast is used in eatables like cakes buns etc it is also used in making alcohol through fermentation.

Posted by Shivaprakash.s ...(student)


Shivaprakash microbes used in eatables like cakes is not a commercial use of microbes

Posted by Vansheeka Uppal(student)

some microbes are used in tablets,vaccination and antibiotics.this is the commercial use of micoorganisms

Posted by M.kabhish(student)

  • Antibiotic should be taken under supervision  of a well qualified doctor.
  • Course of antibitics should be completed as per prescription given by doctor.

Posted by Vansheeka Uppal(student)


 Soory this answer is of ur previous question shubham

Posted by Vansheeka Uppal(student)

 comercial uses of microorganisms are for

making bread, making alcoholic beverages, making antibiotics, making vaccines, making food supplements, making vinegar, coffee and tobacco, and making toothpaste.

Posted by Ammaarah Farhee...(student)

commercial use of micro-organisms is:

production of alcohol, wine and acetic acid (vingear), making food supplement.

Posted by Sunidhi Singh(student)

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