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what is the derivation for the formula of potential energy???????????

Asked by Deepti Rao(St.Aloysius School) , on 12/12/10


Hi Deepti!
Please refer to the answer given by Sangam to derive potenntial energy in this situation.
Good work Sangam!! Keep it up!!

Posted by abhishek.gupta...on 15/12/10

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Potential energy of an object of mass m kept at a height h is mgh

The work done to lift this object against gravity to take it to a height h is  converted as Potential energy of this object.


work done = Force*distance
= Mass*acceleration*distance
= m*g*h
= mgh

therefore, Potential energy = mgh

Posted by Ritu Gupta(NAVAYUGA RADIANCE SCHOOL) on 12/12/10

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