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 What is the difference between indian place value chart and international place value chart ?

Asked by Vivek Kumar Mud...(student) , on 27/6/14

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der 's just a difference in r writing of the commas used in lengthy values..........n also it tells us how to read the no.

Posted by Nancy Singh(student)on 27/6/11

More Answers

Just the periods,values and the commas

Posted by Alice(student)on 29/7/12

Just the periods,values and the commas

Posted by Astha Jani(student)on 31/3/13


Posted by N V(parent)on 29/6/14

In international value chart commas come after every 3 digits eg- 987,653,824

In indian value chart commas are after3 digits only in the start but after that after only 2 digits the commas come eg- 78,64,99,543

Posted by Amogh(student)on 23/8/14

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