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What is the difference between induced emf and induced current?are they both the same?

Asked by lissjames... , on 24/9/10

no,they r not same..by varying the magnetic field one can generate both induced emf and current but current will be induced if there is a path for the electrons to flow otherwise not.

Posted by hom571...on 25/9/10

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emf means voltage applied across 2 terminal of cell and current is amount of charge flowing through it

Posted by Rahul Rock(D.A.V. PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 2/10/10

 emf is induced......when ever there is change in magnetic flux but current is only induced in case of closed loop or circuit

Posted by Sanjeev Baldiaon 24/10/10

no both are not same

change in flux induce e.m.f and this induced emf induce current

remember in this way it will be easy

Posted by B M Sanjeevon 28/11/10

 no frnd.........

emf and current can 't be same.......

the current produced due to induction of coil is induced current...

the electromotive force which can be produced due to action of induced current in the coil...is induced emf..

Posted by Shaoni Chakravarty(D A V PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 14/2/12

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