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 what is the difference between microscopic and macroscopic ???????

is temperature microscopic or macroscopic ??????

Asked by Vinya Gupta (student) , on 29/11/11

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Temperature indeed makes more sense as a macroscopic quantity as it measures the amount of heat contained in a system manifested by the vibrational energies of its particles.

Posted by on 30/11/11

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 The Microscopic world is the system which has the small scale(size), of order of atomic dimension (about 10 A or less), and it characterizes the properties of individual particles, but Macroscopic world is the system which has the large scale (size) which can be seen with ordinary sense (of order of one micron) and it characterize the system as as whole .


Posted by Standard Angel (student) on 29/11/11

 "Temperature" is a macroscopic concept. It is the overall emission of infrared radiation by an object. However, temperature also goes down to the atomic level, as infrared radiation is determined by the energy given off by electrons in collisions with other electrons.

Temperature, then, is a macroscopic concept, but heat transfer is a microscopic concept.

Posted by Standard Angel (student) on 29/11/11

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