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 what is the difference between solid , liquid , gas ?

Asked by suresh.kumar1... (student) , on 18/10/10

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@Shubham: Very good answer! Keep posting as your answers are helpful to other users in this forum!

@Suresh: A small addition from my side

  Solid, liquid and gas are the three states of matter. The following table lists the differences between these three states of matter.





Packing of particles

Particles are packed very close to each another.

Particles are packed less close to each other.

Particles are packed very far from each other.

Forces of attraction between the particles


Weaker than solids


Shape and volume

Fixed shape and fixed volume

No fixed shape but fixed volume

Neither fixed shape nor fixed volume



Higher than solids


Rate of diffusion

Very low

Higher than solids




Less than solids


Kinetic Energy of particles

Very small

Higher than solids





Water vapour

  The figure below shows the arrangement of particles in these three states of matter.  


            Solid                  Liquid                                        Gas  







Keep writing !


Posted by on 18/10/10

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More Answers

Solid :- When atoms of any substance is very tightly packed, having no intermolecular space then that substance is called as solid substaces. 

- They are rigid in structure.

- Have definite structure and volume.

- Have high density.

Ex:- wood etc.

LIQUID :- When there is some intermolecular spaces between the atoms.

- They are fluid in nature.

- Don 't have definite shape or volume.

- Occupy the shape of the container in which it is kept.

- Less density then solid and more density then liquid. 

Ex:- water

GAS :- When there is a large intermolecular space between the molecules.

- They are also fluid in nature.

- Have neither definite shape nor volume.

- Have leser densit then water.

Ex :- All atmospheric gases.

Posted by superstar.shubhamgupta... (student) on 18/10/10


 Solid are tigtly packed

liquid are less packed

gas are thelightest packed 

Posted by Shivam Guptaon 22/8/11



Some Characteristics of Gases, Liquids and Solids and the Microscopic Explanation for the Behavior
gas liquid solid
assumes the shape and volume of its container 
particles can move past one another
assumes the shape of the part of the container which it occupies 
particles can move/slide past one another
retains a fixed volume and shape 
rigid - particles locked into place
lots of free space between particles
not easily compressible 
little free space between particles
not easily compressible 
little free space between particles
flows easily 
particles can move past one another
flows easily 
particles can move/slide past one another
does not flow easily 
rigid - particles cannot move/slide past one another


Posted by chndrn17_mno8... (student) on 7/1/12

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