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what is the format of writing a diary entry.

Asked by Ashish Kumar(student) , on 27/4/13

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Posted by Saimaon 29/4/13

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date,day                                                                                                                                                                               time





Posted by Subhapreet Patr...(student)on 27/4/13

Format for diary entry:  

Date: eg. 7th June 2010 or 7 June, or Monday, 7June Include time if you wish on a person diary. 

Opening: eg. Dear Diary (or any other salutation, such as Dear Me) - Note: Not all diarists use an opening on each entry. Either way is acceptable for personal use, though school may require an opening. 

Introduction: Could be a general comment on how the day was. eg. Today was a great day! or Today was a boring day. 

Body: It is the main part of the diary entry. You could describe what happened to you or your personal feelings about something or someone. You could also write about your future plans in this part. 

Conclusion: The diary entry can be concluded with a comment about the day, eg. It was overall an exciting day or the situation at that moment, eg. I am really tired now, after a long day at work. 

Closing: eg. XYZ or Bye, XYZ

Posted by Harshada Daud(student)on 27/4/13





------  --------  ------ --------- -------- ------- ------ ----------- ------- ------  --------- ------- -------------- -------- ---- --------- ------------



Posted by Shagun Swt An...(student)on 27/4/13

1st --- date,day (left side)  ;  time (right side)

2nd --- body

last--- name (left side)

Posted by Subhapreet Patr...(student)on 27/4/13

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