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what is the formula of (a-b) whole cube?

Asked by Tafesh Mohammed(student) , on 20/1/13

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More Answers

(a+b)3 =  a3 +b3+3a2b +3ab2

Posted by Abhi Nn(student)

(a+b)3 = a3 + 3a2b +3ab2 + b3

- (a+b)3 = - (a3 + 3a2b +3ab2 + b3)

therefore, (-a-b)3 = -a3 - 3a2b - 3ab2 - b3  -bro.....hop tizz helps bt try nt 2 rest ur brain

Posted by sharan.kumaran....(student)


(a-b)= (a-b) (a-b)2  =(a-b) ( a2 + b2 -2ab) = a(a2 + b2 - 2ab) -b (a2 +b2 -2ab) =

Posted by Moonisha(student)

 (a-b)   3   = a   - 3a   2   b + 3ab   2   -b   3

Posted by Roshini Chandra...(student)


this is (a-b)

Posted by Ms Surya(student)


what is the whole cube of two rootover two and x 3

Posted by Swagota(student)


(a-b) = (a)3+ (-b)3-3*a*b*(a-b)

            = a3 -b3 -3a2b +3ab2 

Posted by V Sukram(parent)

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